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Fire and Ageing Resistant Biocomposite for Transportation industrY

The use of composite materials, greatly appreciated in industries for their technical advantages, raises more and more concerns because of their high impact on the environment and poor recyclability. Indeed, composite materials are generally made of a specific resin in which integrates glass fibres, chosen for their technical qualities and low production costs but whose manufacturing processes are highly energy consuming, and require the use of sand as main component (70%), an increasingly scarce raw material. FARBioTY proposes an alternative by using flax fibres, having equivalent qualities and a much lower ecological impact (less energy is needed, less CO2 emitted, no sand consumption). Despite of their outstanding qualities, the potential of this natural fibres is not fully exploited, especially due to combustibility concerns. FARBioTY aims to tackle this challenge by gathering a flax producer, a textile finishing company, two resin makers, fire resistant, an SME specialised in design and manufacturing of composite parts, and an independent laboratory to assess the results.  
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LIFE FARBioTY at the ECOFRAM conference

LIFE FARBioTY at the ECOFRAM conference

ECOFRAM 2018, the second International Conference on Eco-Friendly Flame Retardant Additives and Materials, took place in Metz, France, 28-29 March ...

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Meet FARBioTY partners in ECOFRAM

The coordinator TVDC and the retardant additive producer Veramtex will be present on the 28th and 29th of March at ...

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Consortium Meeting in POLYECIM

This consortium meeting happened in March in POLYECIM premises. The resin makers presented the results of the tests with new ...

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Consortium Meeting at SICOMIN

The consortium meeting occured in September 2017 in SICOMIN premises in south of France. The first tests done by resin ...

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Consortium Meeting at LNE

This first consortium meeting occured in March 2017 and was the opportunity for the partners of the project to detail ...

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The main objective of the FARBioTY project is to develop a new composite material based on natural fibres, mainly flax. Doing so, the project also tackles wider objectives... Read more


The FARBioTY partners will combine their expertise to develop the new material and demonstrate the benefits of flax fibres in biocomposites. Read more


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